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Animal Acupressure with Lucy Yeomans – PART 2

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

In this Animal Acupressure part 2 CPD, Lucy Yeomans provides a re-cap from part 1, then covers a range of points that she finds most useful in practice to help...


Equine Myofascial Release – Module 2

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

A CPD course aimed at qualified Equine Massage and Physical Therapists of any kind. With Dawn Seaman (EEBW, dip AM OCEPT, dip HM ITEC) Module 2: Students will re-cap the...


Equine CPD Training in the Fascial Edge Tool

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

This is a unique tool, designed by human and animal chiropractor; Andrew Glaister. This simple tool has so many uses: assessing tissue, releasing tight tissue, stimulating acu-points, release of tension around joints and vertebrae, and improving tissue function.


Canine Positional Releases CPD (on-site or Zoom options)

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

The aim is to engage the body's neuromuscular and neurofascial functions to rebalance themselves through gentle activation, while incorporating an applied behaviour approach. We utilise detailed assessment techniques, including motion...