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With Alan Howell from Shechina. Alan is a herbalist and Shiatsu practitioner, and supplier of some of the best quality essential oils available. He checks his suppliers thoroughly to ensure that the oils have been produced fairly to the workers and the environment, and that the oils themselves are good quality with a positive energy.

This two day course provides students with concepts of the Chinese 5 elements, the nurturing and controlling flows of energy within, Yin and Yang, and the emotions and other qualities associated with them. He will discuss imbalances within Yin and Yang and how this presents the body, and relate this to the constituents of the 5 elements when in balance or out of balance.  Each oil has primary and secondary relationship within the 5 Elements, thereby providing a final group of oils to offer for the best effect on body and mind.

Students will understand how to classify health imbalances in terms of the 5 elements, and select oils appropriate to help re-balance the body and mind.

Alan has an understanding of Applied Zoopharmacognosy / Herbal Choices (self selection of oils and herbs by animals), and will provide discussion on this subject in relation to the 5 elements.

This course is open to anyone who has done some qualification based training in the study of herbs or essential oils, and their classifications, or for those who already utilise a 5 elements therapy along with nutrition and herbs.

Please contact us for more information.