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The Fascial Edge Tool was designed and produced by human and animal chiropractor; Andrew Glaister. Many prototypes were trialled in production, leading to the creation of a tool that is highly effective in quickly releasing restrictive fibrosed tissue, particularly fascia.

It is an ideal tool for any physical therapist to have in their back pocket as both an assessment and treatment tool. It makes short work of tight, restricted, bedded down, tough tissue, and trigger points. It also saves fingers and thumbs from becoming over worked and sore.

We offer cpd training in the use of the Fascial Edge tool to equine manual therapists, which covers:

  • The history of myofascial tools
  • What is fascia? What does it do? How can it become impaired?
  • The tool and how to used it
  • The tool and mechanoreceptor stimulation
  • Anatomy recap (skeleton drawing on the horse)
  • Assessing with the tool and scan line application for all major trigger point releases.
  • Fascia release
  • Trigger point work and stimulating acu-points
  • Improving tissue function
  • Specific issues, improving poll and neck flexion, shoulder and wither release, rib work, thoracolumbar release, aiding in SI joint release
  • A short section on application to dogs (on request)

‘Following on from the fascial edge tool study day last week, I have treated my horse twice this week and I am staggered at the massive improvement in the tone of his neck musculature. He is usually so tense and his neck muscles are like an ironing board (he has been on box rest/restricted turn out since surgery in November last year). If I hadn’t of seen the difference with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. He is not normally a good patient-he paces and fidgets but the second time, he stood like a lamb while I worked on him. Thank you.’ Barbara Dennison, Veterinary Physiotherapist

Please contact us for information on the next course.