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Kinesiology includes a number of massage and touch techniques; some of which Jo has incorporated into her therapy work with horses and dogs in conjunction with their behavioural responses.

Kinesiology balancing for riders and animal handlers can help with posture, co-ordination, body awareness, sense of feel, maintaining focus, clearing fears, achieving goals, injury repair and easing or elimination of pain. Kinesiology can therefore empower people to work with confidence in improving their animals’ performance and behaviour.

Jo also also uses Kinesiology energy balancing techniques via a handler to help with animal behavioural issues. This works especially well with horses and dogs as they are so reflective with their behaviour and body language.

Helping the animal:
Jo has incorporated Kinesiology touch and reflective behavioural techniques in to her work to help a wide range of issues, such as: muscle and joint stiffness, injury re-habilitation, behavioural problems, anxiety, over sensitivity, performance problems and more. Jo always ensures that she works with veterinary approval.

Learning Kinesiology:
Kinesiology is taught as a therapy for humans, and anyone can learn it. Touch for Health Kinesiology provides an excellent foundation in the subject, and can be taken to practitioner level. Please contact Jo via the enquiries page for information on Touch for Health courses.

Kinesiology for animals: In compliance with veterinary legislation, there is no training available to become an ‘animal Kinesiologist’. However, the manipulation and touch aspects of Kinesiology can be used on animals under veterinary legislation, and within the realms of the animal therapist’s qualifications and insurance. For example, an animal massage therapist may find Kinesiology massage techniques beneficial in their work.

If you would like to know more about learning Kinesiology, please visit the Course Information page on this site, or contact Jo via the enquiries page.

Course diary

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Guide to Professional Conduct for non veterinary surgeons

Further advice for those wanting to use Kinesiology with animals:
You cannot call yourself an animal Kinesiologist, but you can use Kinesiology massage and touch techniques with animals, so you need to be clear about what you are offering.

In order to obtain insurance to apply massage or healing techniques to animals, students must undertake training and qualify in an animal specific therapy.

Recommended animal practitioner courses provided by us:

  • Equine and canine Merishia Massage
  • Reiki, including application to animals
  • Diploma and Certificate courses in Applied Equine Holistic Therapy

Additional animal based courses:

  • Muscle testing techniques for animal therapists
  • Anatomy and Bio-mechanics
  • Advanced bodywork CPDs
  • Advanced healing CPDs
  • Understanding behaviour and bodylanguage communication

The above provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and hands on practical experience essential for a professional approach.
Certificates of attendance are provided for each course.
Insurance can be gained through Balens.

Please contact Jo if you would like more information, please contatct Jo via the enquiries page, or call 07989 505264.

Rider Case Studies:
Sarah had been suffering back pain for over a week. She thought she may have strained it while riding. When she found that she was waking up in the night because it was so sore, she came to see me.

“I couldn’t believe it; within half an hour my pain had almost gone. Plus, I found the session very interesting, and I now feel aware of my body and posture. I was so pleased to be able to get back on my horse the next day, pain free.”

Anna Marie had lost her nerve with her little horse, and couldn’t face going out of the exercise area, or doing more than walk and trot. Jo applied Kinesiology techniques to help with emotional stress release and goal balancing for Anna, plus applied some physical therapy work to her horse. Two weeks later she was enjoying jumping and hacking out, and now attends regular clinics and competitions. She is even thinking of doing the BHS AI training! “…I can’t believe how quickly I found my confidence and started loving riding again…”.

Jo continues to help her and horse horse with follow up riding lessons, and physical therapy sessions.

More information on Kinesiology for people.
Kinesiology taping: Specialised sports tape applied to the body lifts the skin, improving blood flow to the muscles, and aiding lymphatic drainage. This provides an environment to aid healing and improve muscle function. The method can be used as part of rehabilitation or as a means of aiding performance. Please contact us for more information.