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Equine Neurolymphatic Visceral and Muscular Rebalancing

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

Neurolymphatic massage points, also known as Chapman's reflexes, have been used in human therapy for many years as part of the Kinesiologist's tool kit of corrections.  Using muscle testing, physical...


Equine CPD Training in the Fascial Edge Tool

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

This is a unique tool, designed by human and animal chiropractor; Andrew Glaister. This simple tool has so many uses: assessing tissue, releasing tight tissue, stimulating acu-points, release of tension around joints and vertebrae, and improving tissue function.


Animal Acupressure part 1 with Lucy Yeomans

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

In this animal acupressure course Lucy Yeomans shares the approach that has made her a successful practitioner.  This includes location and treating of key points that influence the balance of...


Straightness Training Part 2 with Marcia Wakeman

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

Marcia will re-cap the techniques to release the hyoid, TMJ and neck, the hand holds and applications to open the shoulders. She will then move on to in hand schooling...


Hanna Somatics Applications for the Equine Manual Therapist CPD

Village Farm Emmington, United Kingdom

Equine Hanna Somatics (EHS) is a recently pioneered modality that reawakens and reeducates the brain’s control of muscles.   Adapted for the horse by Dr Eleanor Criswell Hanna, co-creator of...