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This physical therapy method aims to release physical tension and optimise performance via gentle manipulation of the spine, head, pelvis and limb joints. The action of the McTimoney-Corley technique creates a vibration through the joint, which can facilitate release of tightness and realignment. It may also stimulate the nervous and endocrine systems, thereby stimulating the body’s self regulating and healing abilities.

The method can be applied effectively to any animal, and has a valuable place in equine and canine sports / performance therapy, re-habilitation, and general wellbeing of family pets, horses, and livestock.

Once disease and clinical lameness has been ruled out by the vet, the method can help with a number of issues.

Equine signs:

  • Stiffness
  • Falling in or out on turns and circles
  • Asymmetry in muscles (one side more developed)
  • Difficulty in picking up canter lead
  • Unusual gait
  • Reactive to touch, grooming or tacking up
  • Unexplained behavioural changes such as bucking, rearing, refusing to go forward
  • Unexplained performance deterioration
  • Unsound after trauma or a fall
  • Uneven shoe or foot wear

Canine signs:

  • Difficulty getting in and out of cars
  • Unexplained performance deterioration
  • Unexplained behavioural changes
  • Reactive to touch or grooming
  • Yelping on getting up
  • Unwilling to go for walks
  • Stiffness
  • Assymetry (one side more developed)

Jo qualified in this method with the Oxford College of Equine Physical Therapy, then continued with advanced equine spinal manipulation training (Applied Equine Biomechanics) with Andrew Glaister. She has experience working with family horses, elite performance horses, competion dogs and cats, family pets and farm stock.

Although Jo is based in South Oxfordshire, she is happy to travel, and can also visit you from her base in Brighton, Sussex.

Horses: Each session is charged at £40 per horse, plus travel costs, however, discounts are given if there are multiples within a yard, and in exchange for referals.

Dogs and pets: Each session is charged at £40 per animal, plus travel costs, however, discounts are given if there are multiples within a venue / household, and in exchange for referals.

A session can include other therapies if required.

Farm animals: This depends on the type of animal, but will be similar to the above. Please contact Jo to discuss.