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Kinesiology was developed by chiropractor; George Goodheart, who found that muscle testing improved results when making corrections. He also discovered that muscle testing provides a means of assessing the acupuncture meridians.

Kinesiology uses non invasive methods with knowledge of muscles, bones, joints and functions of the body. It incorporates gentle manipulation techniques and nutrition, along with energy balancing methods from traditional Chinese medicine.

Kinesiology treats you as a unique individual, providing support in dealing with issues that may be causing you to feel below par; helping you understand changes that you can make to support your physical and emotional health.

Kinesiology can also help you to improve performance at work, in sports and in day to day life. It can guide you to find out which aspects of your life you could benefit more from and those that you could do less of.

£40 for an hour session.
£90 for a series of 3 one hour realignment sessions (to be undertaken within a month)