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Alex Butler runs a canine training and therapy centre in Gloucestershire. Alex trains police dogs, rehabilitates ‘problem’ dogs, provides manual therapies, Reiki and hydro-therapy on site, and also offers a mobile equine therapy service. Alex uses her communication skills with every animal she works with as part of their rehabilitation or training process, and finds that this makes the process much more straight forward and issues much easier to resolve. She also provides distance communications for owners who would like to understand their animal better, and sometimes works in conjunction with other therapists by providing distance communication reports to aid in physical rehabilitation.

Alex provides practical tools and techniques to enhance the ability of telepathic communication.

This one day course teaches you how to focus your mind and develop your senses to feelings and sensations from animals, and to interpret them into a form that you understand. On achieving this, the student can then send images and words to the animal to create a conversation.

Alex encourages lots of practice throughout the day to build upon the skills learnt, and create confidence in the students’ abilities.

Anyone can learn these skills. We all have the ability.

Alex provides further training in communication skills, aimed at energy workers, combining some amazing trauma release techniques, utilising crystals, in conjunction with the communication work. She also provides tuition in opening the heart chakras of animals who are suitable to work with their owners as animal healers.

‘It was incredible, such an amazing experience. I had a dog jump on my lap and lick me in the face – I could feel absolutely everything – and the lady who had a chat with my cat had her absolutely spot on. I’m still in awe now.’ L Chadwick, Reiki Practitioner and animal therapist.

‘I can’t believe how accurate the pictures I received from the horse were. I knew exactly how the yard looked before I ever set eyes on it, and I knew what the horse wanted to change there.’ S Kilsby, Reiki practitioner and animal therapist

“I can’t believe that I picked up on the tartan rug the dog wears. This is amazing. I can’t wait to try this on my horse.”
A James, Horse Owner

“It was so interesting to get feed back from the cat’s owner, to discover that he really was keen on the changes I felt he was asking for.”
J Megraw, Animal Therapist

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