Our live Zoom CPDs will be offered again in the Winter months.  Please let us know if you are interested in the following…

Phototherapy in Animal Practice

6 CPD hours provided from the online session and additional resources.  £65.  Click the title above for more information.

Muscle Testing as an Assessment Tool (3 CPD points):  learn how to use muscle testing to aid your assessment and therapy application skills in animal practice.  This is based on the methods used in Kinesiology therapy.

Finding the Emotion to Clear a Dysfunction (3 CPD points):  attendees must have done the above course to qualify for this one.  We utilise muscle testing and develop our senses to pick up on dysfunctions via access points on the body, and find a means of releasing emotional holding patterns in these areas for longer lasting realignment.

Online Homestudy Now Available:

Understanding Canine Stress 

By Elaine Stavert (Canine Behaviourist, Applied Animal Herbal Choices Consultant and Naturopath).  This beautifully produced course consisting of Powerpoint presentations with audio discussion.  £60.  14 CPD hour. This covers:

  • Domestication
  • The Brain
  • The Endocrine System
  • What is Stress (the physiology of stress)
  • Gut-Brain Connection
  • Calming Signs
  • Reducing Stress

Please follow this link to enrol.

Canine Scent Work for Mind and Body Health for the Canine Therapist 

This online course is provided in a downloadable presentation format, which includes videos on the practical elements.

This covers…

How the dog’s nose works.

Why use scent work.

How scent work can help therapies.

Please click here to enrol.

Other courses available with Alex…

The full online Scent Work course (Certified Bronze level Sniffer Dog course): Usually £107, but will be discounted by 15%.

The Scent Work CPD practical day:  A one day workshop practical (£97).

Or, a one to one  hour session with Alex and your dog, providing you with specific guidance and additional tips (£52).

Understanding Canine Behaviour for Safer Handling 

This is a short distance learning course on body language and safe handling which provides the student with essential knowledge on natural instincts, why dogs behave like they do, body language, handler posture and safety. It is fully illustrated and includes video demonstrations.  The course is produced by Alex Butler, who was previously a police dog trainer and handler, and now rehabilitates challenging dogs using complementary therapies and appropriate training methods.  She also trains scent dogs.

Ideal CPD training for the canine practitioner, or any interested dog owner.  CPD hours: 3.  Course fee: £25

Students have the option to follow this up with a half day practical section with Alex.  This is a further £50.  Please contact us for more details.

This two part course is a requirement for those taking part in the equine certificate courses, and is open to anyone interested in learning about equine behaviour and behaviour related training exercises.

Part 1 – Reading the Response of the Horse: We investigate body language communication between horses, and horses and people. Through understanding the needs of horses and their communication signs, we can provide them with wellbeing choices.

Part 2 – Applied Handling Skills: We explore behaviour and training methods, and put in to practice some essential handling skills.

The course takes place through online study, photos, videos, practical tasks and written work, followed by a one to one practical assessment.

CPD hours:  12

Cost:  £50

An additional practical half hour lesson can be bought for a further £20.

Equine Structural Analysis

This home study course covers the musculoskeletal system, and includes practical exercises, information on functional biomechanics, structural malformations and performance problems. Postural and gait evaluation are also covered, including foot placement and issues to look out for that may indicate deeper problems, plus some rehabilitation discussion.  It provides a useful refresher on anatomy for the equine therapist, and plenty of additional food for thought.   (Providing 6 hours CPD for the equine practitioner, which includes home-work that can be done at home using online resources if no access to horses). Please contact us for more information.

Course Costs:  £35


Canine Structural Analysis

This home study course provides information on the musculoskeletal system, along with information on functional biomechanics and structural /performance problems in relation to conformation, genetic conditions and bone malformations, workload, studies on equipment, and includes some rehabilitation exercise.  It will provide a refresher on many topics for the canine therapist, and some additional food for thought.   (Providing 7 hours CPD for the canine practitioner, which includes home-work). Please contact us for more information.

Course Costs: £35


E-Book on Summer Hedgerow Herbs for Your Animals

This is not technically a CPD, but may count towards your CPD reading hours.

This botanical guide gives you information on common Summer herbs (different from our Spring book) and how you can use them to help the wellbeing of your animals.

£12.  Please contact us to buy the book.

This short home study course provides students with information on the behaviour of cats, and why they behave as they do. The course was written by Laura Sales, college lecturer in small animal behaviour and care, and Helen Gerard, who is a behaviourist based in Gloucestershire.

This course is an ideal adjunct to any animal therapy training, and a required module for some of the Rose Applied Animal Therapy courses.  However, anyone with an interest in rabbits, their behaviour and wellbeing will find this interesting and useful.

Business Set-up and Marketing Your Therapy Practice

This course provides current information and practical advice on business and marketing as a therapist.  This is ideal for those new to the industry, but also useful for anyone wanting to re-assess their current business.

The course is written by marketing professional and lecturer, Red Barrington, with advice from Jo Rose.  It is aimed at helping you to make the best out of your business, financially, legally and aiding self promotion to a wider market.

The cost of the courses £35, or £25 if you have trained / are training with us currently.

CPD hours: 6

Please contact us for more details.