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Accredited to the International Kinesiology College. Learn how to read the needs of the body through the art of muscle testing. This course teaches students how to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. This involves muscle testing a number of major postural muscles, to assess their associated acupuncture meridian.

Perceptual Bodywork Kinesiology (advanced)
Perceptual Bodywork incorporates techniques from Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, providing the link between Kinesiology and the healing senses.

Discover the healing power of subtle energy through gentle touch. This can be learnt within a group, or on a one to one basis.
“I would recommend Jo Rose’s Reiki courses to anyone who is looking to grow as a fully contented and balanced person. The integration of science and application of Reiki is amazing and so fulfilling.” Dr Ruth Evans

Tutored by nutritional therapist/herbalist, Jo Rose, this is a fun session of learning how to make dairy free, naturally sweetened, delicious chocolate and chocolate truffles. Sample chocolates while learning how to make your own. Information provided on a number of nutritional ingredients.