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Canine Reflexology

This Canine Reflexology CPD course aims to provide the canine practitioner with key points to aid wellbeing, proprioception and performance.

Reflexology is a method of working points on the feet (and hands in humans) to help with overall well being. It is based on the premise that specific points on the feet correspond to specific areas on the body.

This course is aimed at those who are qualified in canine massage, or canine physical therapies. The day provides an over view of reflexology, including zone theory, plus work on reflexology points for physical structure and the organs. The topic of foot massage is broadened to provide information and practical application for foot meridian points and proprioception / gait balancing points.  We also touch on ear reflexology.

Students benefit from practicing on human feet, before practicing on dogs.

The course includes some work on the ears.

“Since training in Canine Reflexology with Jo, I have been using the techniques in my treatments and have had positive results.”
Jenni MacNeillie, Canine Massage Therapist

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