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Ttouch for Dogs

Our Canine TTouch CPD course provides techniques to enhance physical and mental performance, aid rehabilitation and improve learning ability.

Canine TTouch (Tellington Touch) was developed from the work of Linda Tellington Jones, who initially developed the method for horses in 1978.

This method of handling, training and rehabilitation is based on the principles of the Feldenkrais approach, which works on activating unused neural pathways to aid in recovery, improve physical and mental performance, and increasing the ability to learn. She successfully applied this to horses, and developed the Tellington Equine Awareness Method (TEAM). The TTouch method was then successfully transferred to treat other animals.

Maria Johnston is a leading UK practitioner in TTouch for small animals. She is also a dog trainer (Association of pet dog trainers), Veterinary Physiotherapist, and competes in dog agility.

Maria delivers regular training days throughout the country to veterinary practices, animal practitioners, dog clubs, kennels and rescue centres.

The Introduction to TTouch for Dogs is aimed at animal practitioners, providing them with a really useful toolkit of techniques to integrate into their practice, covering:

  • Canine behaviour, handling and calming responses
  • TTouch applications for calming and creating confidence
  • TTouch applications for fear and aggression
  • TTouch application for general physical health
  • Body wraps for calming
  • Body wraps for improving performance / aiding rehabilitation
  • Using the 2 point harness and the balance lead
  • Obstacle exercises for proprioception and training