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Crystals can hold energy like a battery. They can supply energy, or remove excess excess energy. They can influence the energy vibrations in the body.
Science has proven the value of crystals, applying them in the technology industries, particularly quartz and tourmaline.

Therapeutically, the specific wavelengths of crystals work to harmonise the body’s energy when chosen for specific issues. Crystals can also be programmed for a specific job to enhance their healing capabilities.

This two day CPD course is run by Alex Butler and Lucy Chadwick; both who are animal energy workers, who regularly integrate crystals into their work with animals. They both have successful practices, and will be sharing their most useful crystal knowledge and application tips.

The course includes practice on horses and dogs. Students will also gain experience through practicing on each other.

Participants must hold a qualification in animal healing therapy of some sort in order to attend. We provide training in Animal Reiki should you need it.