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Neill Saunders has an incredibly successful human and animal practice based in Wiltshire. Having trained many years ago as a practitioner in McTimoney- Corley Spinal Therapy (with Hugh Corley), Bowen therapy and Equine Touch, to name a few.

Neill has created his own amazing technique, combining physical therapy, anatomical knowledge, energy and manual therapy work and trust in the power of touch. He has also produced his own assessment techniques, which enable change to facilitated. His approach is to re-balance and realign without any force, while helping the whole body on every level.

Neill assesses the physical body for misalignments and imbalances, and addresses these via release and realignment of visceral restrictions. Anyone watching Neill is amazed at how effective his non-invasive techniques are, seeing a realignment in the body within seconds sometimes.

His one-day CPD courses are aimed at equine manual therapists; one of which largely focuses on pelvic realignment via hind gut visceral energy release, and the other on the hyoid, throat and associated visceral and physical structures.

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