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Hannah Griffiths is an holistic saddler, who not only fits saddles, but helps to design them. She is very aware of performance and behavioural issues that develop through poorly fitting saddles.

Hannah is also a ‘Ride with you mind’ instructor, which has helped her to pinpoint biomechanical issues with horse and rider.

Hannah’s holistic approach not only addresses the saddle, but also the rider’s comfort, postural issues in both horse and rider, and exercises for improving muscle tone and use. Her approach has enabled her to build a very busy practice, which now extends to educating owners and equine therapists through talks and courses.

The one day saddle fitting cpd course for equine therapists includes the following:

  • The parts of the saddle
  • Assessing saddle for asymmetry issues and broken trees
  • Panel and flocking faults
  • Girthing issues
  • Tree types
  • Numnahs and padding
  • Thoracic sling and the muscles affected by poorly fitting saddles
  • Differentiating saddle issues from other issues
  • Assessing horses (static and ridden) and their saddles
  • Fitting saddles

Students are able to get their hands on throughout, and there is time to ask questions on issues they have come across.

“I learnt loads, and in an enjoyable format. All applicable to a holistic physiotherapy assessment, and for ensuring the best for my horse. I will definitely be making some changes to my own horse’s saddlery as a result of what I have learnt today.”
Rachel Measures, Chartered Physiotherapist