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Photo-therapy, or to give it the correct name; ‘photo-biomodulation’ is the application of therapeutic light, with the aim to stimulate or inhibit.

Red light and infra-red have been studied in detail for use in therapeutic healing tools. It has been established that specific wavelengths are effective at stimulating the healing process, if used in the correct dose. This stimulation takes place at the cellular level, and sites can be targeted directly or indirectly with light devices.

Much of the study, until recently, has been done on laser devices, but now LED units are coming to the fore, and demonstrating pretty much identical results.

Altering the dose, or the application of the light can produce a desired outcome for the presenting issue, whether it be to stimulate healing at the site of an injury, or ease pain.

The training day provides students with a background on how light affects tissue, and how this lead to research to produce the best wavelengths and dosage for therapeutic use.

We will look at the many benefits of photo-therapy, including:

  • Increased cell metabolism
  • Stimulation of DNA and RNA
  • Positive effects on the immune system
  • Tissue proliferation and capillary formation
  • Pain relief
  • Practical application to dogs and horses

Ruth Milner from Photizo Vetcare co-teaches this course, providing some fascinating case study information and current information on studies in red light therapy.

The day also includes a section on Infra-red Thermography.

This is a very practical day, including lots of practical use of LED units with both dogs and horses.