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Practical Handling and Anatomy

This course is aimed at those training in canine therapies, and those who would like to attend a practical course in handling and anatomy.

The first part of the course is run by Alex Butler, a search and rescue / police dog trainer and rehabilitation canine therapist.

Alex provides students with photo and video information on the body language of dogs as they interact with each-other and people, demonstration the physical communication signs that are vital for appropriate approach and safe handling. She also shows us suitable and non suitable restraints for working with dogs therapeutically, with the aim to provide the dog with the best experience possible.

Alex also brings her beautiful dogs to enable students to put into practice the handling skills that she has taught.

The afternoon is taught by Jo Rose. Students are provided with visual information on skeletal and muscular anatomy, and have the opportunity to get their hands on a number of anatomical models, before location bony markers and muscles on live dog, and use chalk to mark on these anatomical areas.

This is a fun learning experience, which includes comprehensive descriptive and visual hand out material.