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Photonic Therapy
Photonic tools are now becoming more popular and affordable for the animal therapist and animal owners.

Infra-red / red photonic (light) therapy is a well studied therapeutic approach, which can help ease muscle tension and spasms, stimulate the tissue repair response in the case of injury, and relieve pain in muscles and joints. Photonic therapy can also be used to stimulate acupressure points.

Infra-red / red light units for these therapeutic purposes emit infra-red wavelengths within the category of Low Level Laser Therapy.

The Vibrational Healing Tools course (below) includes information and practical application of this tool. Balens will accept attendance this course as CPD training for practitioner insurance purposes for use of red / infra-red light tools (and the other tools listed).

Jo Rose is a seller of Photizo Vetcare units. Please contact Jo Rose for details.

Applied healing tools
It has been observed that animals will inately seek out natural choices in their environment to maintain their own well-being. Working in conjunction with body language responses from animals, we can provide non invasive natural choices that may enhance help wellbeing, such as:

  • Sounds: e.g. tuning forks, singing bowls, tibetan cymbals
  • Colours: e.g. Aura Soma light pens, colour cards

Jo integrates these tools into her therapy sessions, and provides students with information on how to use them.

One day workshop:

Vibrational Therapy Tools for People and Animals (using applied behaviour)

For people:

During the morning, participants work with each other exploring the following:

  • Sound therapy through tuning forks, singing bowls, tibetan symbols, drums and the voice
  • Colour therapy through colour cards, visualisation, light pens and aura soma. This also includes photonic therapy tools
  • Magnet therapy through specific magnet and polarity application.
    Essences through room sprays, intent sprays and essential oils
  • Crystals and the attraction to their energy

We will also include a basic introduction to muscle testing when working on each other.

Animal responses to sound and colour:
The afternoon will include work with animals, allowing them to self select sounds, colours and crystals through observing their body language responses.

This workshop is open to all, and is particularly useful for continued professional development for any Reiki practitioner or healer.