This course is aimed at Canine therapists and those working with dogs, who would like to gain more knowledge in behaviour, handling, and useful training tips.

The 66 page workbook and accompanying videos will provide you with an understanding of canine behaviour theory and an understanding of how to use this knowledge to enhance your work with dogs. It contains body language and communication, and how our own body language can affect dogs, plus some handy training and handling tips to try. It also takes a look at nutrition and how nutrition can affect behaviour.

The workbook is fully illustrated and contains links to YouTube clips, as well as having accompanying clips to go with it. This is a useful course for anyone working with dogs, or anyone wanting to understand their own dog a bit better. There are 14 multiple choice questions at the end of the workbook to ensure that you have understood the content. A certificate of completion is issued once these have been marked, and show a satisfactory level of understanding.

The course has been produced by Helen Gerard, who is the owner of Naturally Clever Canines Training and Willow Holistic Therapies, plus runs a freelance behavioural consultancy service for animal rescue centres.

Helen’s practical experience includes dog training classes, behavioural work in rescue and privately, lecturing at FE colleges, working with Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre, rescue centre management, and providing holistic therapies. She has studied FdSc Canine Behaviour and training, Reiki for people and animals (Master level), and Merishia Massage for dogs. Helen also has a teaching qualification, and frequently attends CPDs, workshops and courses.

Helen is a member of Pet Dog Trainers (01074), Pet Professional Guild and a member working towards accreditation of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme. She is also a registered Dog AID trainer – a charity which helps disabled people train their own dogs as registered assistance dogs.

The course fee is £45, which includes marking and certificate. The course content is from an online site, for which a code is given to allow access. If you prefer to buy a DVD of the contents or a print out, please contact us for additional fee.