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Understanding CatsLearn about feline behaviour - distance learning course

This short home study course provides students with information on the behaviour of cats, and why they behave as they do. There are 28 A4 pages of information, diagrams and photos exploring their social interaction and innate survival instincts as carnivores. The course includes discussion on how we can use this information to better understand them, interact with them and handle them, plus some training tips. In addition, the course discusses some aspects of food and mood.

The course was written by Laura Sales, college lecturer in small animal behaviour and care, and Helen Gerard, who is a behaviourist based in Gloucestershire. Both have qualifications in animal Reiki and additional therapeutic skills.

This course is an ideal adjunct to any animal therapy training, and a required module for some of the Rose Applied Animal Therapy courses. However, anyone with an interest in cats, their behaviour and wellbeing will find this interesting and useful.

Students who successfully answer the short answer questions at the end of the module will receive a certificate of completion.

Cost of course: £25