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This two part CPD course is open to anyone interested in learning about equine behaviour and utilising this for handling and training.  It is important that you are already used to at least basic handling.

Applied Handling Skills

This is part of the Understanding Horses online training course, also comprising of Reading the Response of the Horse.

This course is aimed at helping students to deepen their understanding of equine behaviour for appropriate handling, as a basis for further training, and as an adjunct to therapy skills.

Although many equine behaviour issues are due to pain or discomfort, we need to be aware that behavioural problems can occur due to a misunderstanding of communication through handling or training, or because of other environmental factors.

When working with horses therapeutically, behavioural habits can disrupt the session, so sensible safe handling skills and simple horsemanship training tips can be very useful.

This course provides the students with a basic understanding of horse body language, and some simple practical techniques to overcome difficult behaviour when handling.

Reading the Response Of The Horse 

Improve awareness of the ways horses communicate their needs and emotions. Help people to read the subtle body language of the horse, and give them the confidence to communicate with horses.

Introduce ideas and simple techniques that will enhance well-being of both people and horses, and improve trust between them. To provide a grounding for further learning in this extensive field.

This course includes information on: Exploring how horses communicate, and how to utilise this in handling and training, providing natural choices to horses for wellbeing/ self medication, sensing how the horse feels, and how touch can benefit them, understanding how important intent is to our relationship with horses, discovering how both negative and positive energy flows to those around us, learning some simple grounding and de-stress techniques, plus some home practice