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Perceptual Bodywork Kinesiology (advanced)
Accredited to the School of Creative Kinesiology and the Kinesiology Federation.

Perceptual Bodywork has links to modern chiropractic. It uses non invasive methods on the body, with knowledge of muscles, bones, joints and functions of the body to help effect positive change in physical and emotional well-being.

  • Perceptual Bodywork incorporates techniques from Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Perceptual Bodywork provides the link between Kinesiology and the healing senses.

The course provides the student the opportunity to explore their own healing path, and to learn a variety of methods to help others achieve physical, emotional, and possibly spiritual, well-being.

Course Syllabus:

  • Ethos of Perceptual Bodywork
  • Opening of the nine body senses
  • Electromagnetic and energy work
  • Eight extra meridians
  • Fascia and muscle dynamics
  • Structural dynamics
  • Healing approaches
  • Cranial work
  • Nutritional and digestive techniques
  • Emotional aspects of bodywork

Entry requirements: Completion of a Kinesiology Foundation Syllabus, such as Touch for Health 1 – 4.

Course time frame: 16 days taught in blocks of two over a year to 18 months.
There is an external assessment once students have completed the training and homestudy requirements.