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The Chocolate Apothecary...How to make raw chocolate

Boost it up with nutritional powders!

Tutored by nutritional therapist/herbalist, Jo Rose; this is a fun session of learning how to make dairy free, as raw as you can get, naturally sweetened with health benefitting powders and fruits, delicious chocolate and chocolate truffles.

Attendees sample chocolates throughout the session while learning how to make their own. They will be given information on a number of nutritional ingredients, which they can choose to add to their chocolate if they wish. At end of the session, each person will have some chocolate to take home, a recipe pack, and if you need some additional ingredients to take home, you can buy a small pack for a bit extra.

Attendees also benefit from some nutritional therapy knowledge and advice, personal to their needs.

Please contact us if you would like to attend a ‘Chocolate Apothecary’ workshop. Cost: £65 per person (includes samples of chocolate, chocolate to take home, plus nutrition information / recipe handout)

Bespoke group sessions can be catered for, if you would like to organise a chocolate morning or afternoon. This makes an ideal birthday present, hen treat, catch up session, or whatever occasion you’d like to infuse with chocolate! If you prefer, this can take place your house. These are usually run just before Christmas or Valentines Day.  Please contact us for more information.