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Canine First Aid training with Kirstey Lee

February 10 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

I have been teaching canine first aid since 2018 and my students have found it invaluable.

You will learn lifesaving skills plus much more, that in the interim of a vet’s attention can help your dog when in pain or discomfort, and even save your dog’s life!
This workshop is accredited L2 VTQ and upon completion of the course you will receive your CPD certificate and wallet card valid for three years. Plus, student manual and weekly refresher videos emailed to you of a different skill each week.
When I teach a dog first aid workshop, I talk about prevention, just as much as what to do during a first aid required episode.
Dog first aid is so much more than CPR, knowing how to perform the canine Heimlich Manoeuvre etc. It is also about avoiding avoidable problems, and situations, recognising risks and risk assessment management, plus appropriate dog walking etiquette. It’s learning and understanding how NOT to put your dog (and yourself at risk).

Do you walk your dog off lead near a cliffs edge?
Have you thought about what your dog can see?
Has it crossed your mind – that your dog doesn’t know that there is a steep drop?

Many dogs have lost their lives due to our lack of understanding of what they can and can’t see etc. Do not let your dog be one of them.
Think of the risks, understand them, and take action – for the love of your dog.

Course Content
Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
Car Accidents
Pet Proofing your home
How pets show pain
Checking your pet’s health and finding out what is normal
Taking a Pulse
Pet First Aid Kits
CPR, Accidents and First Aid
Breathing and respiratory problems
Canine CPR
Drowning and Secondary Drowning
Pet fractures treatment
Spinal injury and moving an injured pet
Medical Conditions
Types of Bleeding
Dressings, bandages and controlling bleeding
Illnesses – Pyometra and Bloat
High Temperatures and Heatstroke
Hypothermia Treatment
Seizures and Epilepsy
Snake Bites
Insect Stings
Alabaman Rot
Blue Green Algae
Plus more

Special cost £45 duration 4 to 5 hrs
Maximum attendees = 12
Taught virtual and in-person (in person – dates and location to follow)
Next Virtual Course is 10th February at 10am
To register please go to the link below: –


February 10
10:00 am - 3:00 pm