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Applied Kinesiology Applications for the Equine Therapist

March 8 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Muscle testing is used by Applied Kinesiologists to assess their client for areas of imbalance, and to find the best correction for the issues. An area that is out of balance (physical trauma, pain, misalignment, neurological or biochemical imbalance) affects the energy of the area, effectively short circuiting it.  When in contact with this disruption, this impacts on the strength of a functional muscle test, which can be applied as a self test or via another person, thereby highlighting the area of imbalance.

Muscle testing can also be used to find the best means of correcting the imbalance, and can help to really pin point the crux of the problem, with detail in direction, depth and pressure.

This skill can be combined with conventional assessment techniques and observations of animal responses to demonstrate clear positive changes.

Although the focus will be equine predominantly, we can include some canine focus for those who work with both.

We will cover:  

How to muscle test, and what it is telling us:

Overview of functional testing and how this can be used to indicate changes in the electrical flow through the fascia and nerves.

The rules of testing accurately.


Locating of imbalances using body sections and anatomical scan lines through muscle testing, plus standardising this against common assessment techniques.

Additional focus on assessing the vagus nerve and visceral imbalance.


Finding the depth and direction of the correction, plus application, from skin level through musculoskeletal to visceral.

Using two pointing corrections.

Applying vagus nerve corrections.

Aiding emotional release through heart energy connection.



March 8
9:30 am - 4:00 pm