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This gentle proven therapeutic technology creates an electrostatic field into the body tissue. These biologically effective oscillations have a deep acting effect, up to 8cm into the tissue, acting on the skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, fascia, muscles, blood and lymph vessels.

Clinical research on people has shown the following physiological benefits: pain reduction, anti-inflammation, reduces swelling / oedema, encouraging wounds to heal, reduces fibrosis, stimulates detoxification, improves tissue quality, relaxes muscles and improves circulation.

Deep Oscillation can also be applied to animals. It has the potential to help release tight tissue, stimulate healing where injury has occurred, reduce swelling and oedema, reduce or eliminate pain.

Like all animal therapies, the unit is used in conjunction with veterinary approval.

Jo usually applies Deep Oscillation appropriately as needed in combination with musculoskeletal work, but it can be used as a stand alone approach where required, particularly in the case of injury or concussive damage. Jo has used it with good results on canine injuries, equine lower limb injuries, and in helping to release and ease tight backs in both horses and dogs. It can also be applied to other animals.