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Kinesiology...Internationally accredited training in Touch for Health Kinesiology

Accredited to the International Kinesiology College.

Learn how to read the needs of the body through the art of muscle testing.

This course teaches students how to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. This involves muscle testing a number of major postural muscles, to assess their associated acupuncture meridian. They then apply appropriate non invasive balancing techniques from Traditional Chinese medicine, massage, nutrition and reflex point therapy.

A Touch for Health balance can help improve physical and emotional performance at work, in sport, or in day to day life. It can help to clear negative habits, and enable positive healthy change.

Students may study Touch for Health Kinesiology to help themselves, family and friends, as CPD, or complete the assessment to achieve practitioner status.

The full training is split into five parts of two days each. The assessment is undertaken by an outside assessor, and requires a further day. Course work and case studies must also be completed as part of the assessment.

Students receive an Internationally recognised certificate for each part they complete.

Cost (including certification):  £200 per part.
Required course books: The course manual is approximately £25.
The course homework book is approximately £25.  Optional quick fire reference book: £22

Assessment day: Arrangements will be made with the nearest available assessor, either at Rose Therapies, if enough participants, or at the assessor’s venue. The cost is approximately £260.

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