Allow yourself to remove limitations of belief, and step forwards into the realm of your true self.

The attunement energy at this level is of a very high vibration, providing a connection which will allow you to develop a true and trusting connection to your intuitive self. This is in turn will help to provide clarity in thought, self confidence, self belief and emotional strength.

A willingness to embark on a journey of self development is needed at this level. In return, your ability to facilitate healing will become clearer and more finely tuned.

Students are provided with the Master symbols, to help deepen their energy connections, and are supervised while practicing working with this enhanced sense of healing. They will also learn and practice additional advanced healing techniques, which is included on the certificate on completion.

The Master course requires 4 and a half days of training, including advanced energy techniques such as energy removal and land clearing with well known healer; Terry Shubrook, and a crystal healing workshop with Gaye from Spirit Walker Crystals. Teaching is spread over 6 to 9 months, depending on the group or individual’s needs.

For those wanting to run their own Reiki workshops, students can attend a further four days of practical sessions.

Reiki Master course in total: £375 (including course hand-outs)
Reiki Master and practical teaching sessions: £615 (includes course hand-outs)
Students may spread out payments, however an additional non refundable deposit of £90 is required if they wish to do so. This will subtracted from the final payment.

Optional animal healing days may be attended.
Please contact us for more information.