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Reiki Courses

“I would recommend Jo Rose’s Reiki courses to anyone who is looking to grow as a fully contented and balanced person.  The integration of science and application of Reiki is amazing and so fulfilling.”
Dr Ruth Evans

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Read Jo’s article in Natural Horsemanship Journal on Energy Flow here…

Reiki article horsemanship journal Dec 2017

Discover the healing power of subtle energy through gentle touch. This can be learnt within a group, or on a one to one basis. During this course, students receive four gentle energy ‘attunements’ to Reiki, are guided in producing client practice case studies before receiving a certificate of completion and can then continue on to Reiki 2nd Degree.

Helping you to develop intuitive and healing senses to a more subtle level, and become greater equipped to generate abundance in your life. Second degree training is open to those who have completed First Degree training, and feel ready to move on to further training, opening themselves to a deeper energy connection.

Students are provided with the Master symbols, to help deepen their energy connections, and are supervised while practicing working with this enhanced sense of healing. They will also learn and practice additional advanced healing techniques, which is included on the certificate on completion. The Master course requires 4 and a half days of training, spread over 6 to 9 months, depending on the group or individual’s needs.