Helping you to develop intuitive and healing senses to a more subtle level, and become greater equipped to generate abundance in your life.

Second degree training is open to those who have completed First Degree training, and feel ready to move on to further training, opening themselves to a deeper energy connection.

During this two day course, students receive a single attunement to allow access to a higher vibration of energy, providing them with the means to make healing connections to the past, future and over distances.

Second degree students receive the knowledge of the Second Degree Reiki symbols, providing them with tools to enhance treatments further.

Students have the opportunity to fully practice new methods, and experience the energy healing at this level during the course.

It is recommended that students allow at lease six months between First and Second Degree Reiki courses.

On completion of Second Degree, insurance can be obtained to practice.

Cost: £160, includes manual.