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Reiki is a non invasive therapy, applied via a gentle touch. It can help to deeply relax both people and animals.

Reiki can help to stimulate the body’s natural ability for self healing.

Reiki can help animals who are physically and emotionally sensitive, allowing them to release tension and cope better.

Reiki works the subtle energy systems of the body: chakras, meridians and aura.

Reiki can also enhance telepathic communication, and be done from a distance.

Jo’s method works in conjunction with the animal’s behavioural responses, enabling the animal to help guide the session to suit its needs.

Read more about Jo’s approach in the article below:

Reiki article horsemanship journal Dec 2017

See some video examples below of animal’s responses on Reiki courses:

Look at the subtle body language reactions of this horse as he processes, and the release body language at the end.

Another horse’s responses to Reiki. Notice how she adjusts her right shoulder at the end of the session. This shoulder had been stiff prior to the session but afterwards she moved much more freely.

Here is a dog demonstrating the relaxing effects of Reiki.

Thermal image demonstrating how Reiki can help facilitate change

“I am so glad that I found Jo to complete my Reiki training up to Master level. Its been a fantastic journey, learning about and providing energy therapy for pets, horses and humans.”

“The courses are really interesting, taught in small groups in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The facilities allow for fantastic hands on learning, and Jo’s wealth of knowledge brings much more to the course than initially expected.
I am now using skills taught on Jo’s course as part of my canine behaviour business, as well as offering therapies for horses and people.”

“I recommend Jo’s courses to anyone who wishes to know about Reiki. You will learn so much, and no doubt want to learn more about the different therapies Jo offers training in.”
Helen Gerard, Isis Animal Behaviour and Therapy Centre, Worcs

Courses in Reiki for Animals

1st Degree Reiki for people and animals

2nd Degree Reiki for people and animals

Animal application course for those who have done training in Reiki for people

Reiki Master and Advanced Energy Skills, Including Animals

Course diary

“I have seen an astounding difference in the resident dogs in my boarding kennels since becoming attuned to Reiki. Previously, many of the dogs seemed very worried and stressed. The more I practice Reiki, the less stress I see in the dogs. I feel a different connection to the boarding dogs and to my own dogs. There is an air of quiet in the kennels and there are spells of complete quiet and peace, even with a full kennel block.”
Alex Butler, Bear Boarding Kennels, Cheltenham

“I would recommend Jo Rose’s Reiki courses to anyone who is looking to grow as a fully contented and balanced person. The integration of science and application of Reiki is amazing and so fulfilling.”
Dr Ruth Evans

“I have trained in Reiki 1, 2 and Master courses for people and animals with Jo, and they have all been brilliant. Everything is explained and taught clearly. You practice each section as you go, so you are confident in what you are doing and feeling. Reiki with animals is very interesting.┬áJo goes into a lot more detail than other courses I had previously looked in to, providing me with new things to use along with Reiki. I can highly recommend Jo’s courses.”
Linda Robertson, Reiki Master, Bicester, Oxon

These courses meet the National Occupation Standards as required by the Reiki Council.