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  • Certificate in Applied Equine Energy Work
  • Certificate in Applied Canine Energy Work
  • Certificate in Applied Animal Energy Work

Integrating animal behaviour with gentle work on the energy systems of the body, helping to stimulate release of physical tension, gentle realignment, aiding communication, and release of emotional trauma.

Students must complete module(s) in relevant animal behaviour and handling, depending on which animal(s) you want to work with, plus 1st Degree Reiki for people and animals with Jo Rose ideally before continuing on to the other elements. Students who hold first degree certificates from other courses will be considered. Please contact us for more information.

Other elements include:
Equine: Distance learning with practical assessment (a one to one half hour session held during another course attendance) in ‘Reading the Response of the Horse‘ and the ‘Applied Equine Handling Skills‘.

Canine: Distance learning module in Understanding Canine Behaviour. Handling skills are assessed during the course.

Other small animals: The above, plus distance learning modules in Understanding Feline Behaviour and Caring for Rabbits

Healing tools (1 day): This workshop is co-taught with Kinesiologist and energy worker, Terry Shubrook. This workshop provides students with information and practical use of a variety of healing tools for both people and animals. These include sound and colour therapy, crystals, magnets and essences.

2nd Degree Reiki for people and animals (2 days): Students receive symbols for enhancing their healing skills, and learn how to send healing over distance and time.

Acupressure – level 1 (2 days): This workshop provides students with an understanding of how we can influence the body via the meridian system. The workshop covers points that influence release of pain and emotional tension. Taught by energy worker Lucy Yeomans.

Animal communication (1 day): This workshop is co-taught with Alex Butler, who finds her ability to telepathically communicate with animals invaluable in her work. Students learn a variety of techniques to develop communication skills.

If you already hold a certificate in Reiki, please contact us for details on updating for this course.

You may pay as you go for each module. Upcoming elements are posted on the course diary page.

Homework: Student practice record, modular homework (where required), reflective journal, 2 research projects (1 – 2000 words), 5 case studies

Level 2 certificate: Reiki Master plus Advanced Healing Skills training, Acupressure level 2, Emotional Trauma Release / soul part retrieval, DNA repair, Advanced physical trauma repair. Please contact us for information on fees and content.